Our 121 bungalows and villas with private pools, stretched across a 2.5km coastline, blend naturally into their surroundings. With their ethereal spaces, earthy tones and direct access to the sea, they capture perfectly the beauty of Crete, providing an experience that balances mind and soul. Wake up and dive in the crystal waters of Mirabello Bay.
Huddled in the hotel’s fragrant gardens, our bungalows offer a private, serene escape to a naturally luxurious destination. With bright, open spaces, impeccable views at the sea and a design that connects all senses together, our bungalows are purposed to immerse you in nature.

Wake up to the sound of waves and jump straight into the water.
Our villas are unique, creating the most complete take on barefoot luxury: relaxed, healing and exquisite. Their stylish, bespoke design lets you unwind and relax in comfort, providing a sacred space immersed in nature, that is entirely your own.

Silence all distractions as you soak up the sun in your seafront terrace and cool down in your own private pool.
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