Discover Crete
Natural Beauty & History
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Discover Crete

Luxury Holidays in Crete

Discover Crete’s natural beauty and history

Crete offers so much more than luxury holidays. Crete is an island where myths come alive, where tradition and culture go hand in hand, where the earth is adorned with an abundance of natural beauties, stretches of golden sand, gorges and rivers, mountains and plains. A land where customs and festivals reawaken former glories, where seasons unfold with the finest aromas and flavours that the Cretan cuisine has to offer, where the wonders of centuries, hidden or revealed, begin to unfold before your eyes.


Stunningly beautiful beaches
Mountains and gorges
History, culture & Cretan gastronomy

Minos Beach art hotel encourages guests to engage with local customs and festivals on Crete during their visit.

Explore the magic of Crete, from traditional Cretan villages and tiny mountaintop chapels to the unexplored heartland and undiscovered edges of this beautiful, wild island.