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Customs & Festivals

Discover Greek customs and the festivals of Crete, with Candia Park village’s extensive calendar of local celebrations and traditional events.

Crete Festivals

Minos Beach art hotel encourages guests to engage with local customs and festivals on Crete during their visit, including:
  • July/August: The “Lato” summer cultural events in Agios Nikolaos
  • The festival of Agios Nikolaos on December the 6th, as well as the Resurrection and the burning of Judas on stage in the center of the lake in Agios Nikolaos.
  • The Resurrection at Toplou Monastery in Vai.
  • The summer cultural events and the Free – Fish Night in October at Elounda.
  • June - Naval Week, celebrated in ports around the island
  • The Tzemiado cultural association organises cultural events throughout the summer season.
  • The cultural events “Kirbia” in July or August
  • The “Kornaria” cultural events in July or August, the festival of “Soultanina” in August and the festival of Prophet Elias on July the 20th in Sitia.
  • August - Sitia Sultana Festival, a week-long celebration of grapes and wine
  • On the night of the last full moon in August, cultural events take place at many archaeological sites
  • Three – day cultural events in August, the liturgy at the church of Kera on August 15th and the festival of Metamorphosis on August the 6th in Kritsa.
  • 6th August - The festival of the Metamorphosis, with notable celebrations in Zakros
  • 15th August - Feast of the Assumption, a public holiday throughout Greece.  The festival of "Panagia" on August the 15th  in Neapolis.
  • 23rd August - Feast of Agios Titos, patron saint of Crete
  • 28th October - "Oxi" Day, a public holiday throughout Greece