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2 summer cocktails by Kool life bar team

Let’s celebrate summer with these 2 essential summer cocktails, straight by our bartenders at Kool life Bar. Nothing quite says summer like a margarita and we’ve given it a fruity twist with this recipe for watermelon margaritas. This bright-red concoction uses fresh watermelon, lots of lime juice and…

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Journey through Greek Mythology

The heroes There were innumerable heroes and heroines in Greek mythology. Famous or anonymous, celebrated throughout Greece or locally, they were usually benefactors. Originally, the word meant “king”, or at least someone who was distinguished in some way. However, because…

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Cretan Easter traditions

In the Orthodox Church the feast of Easter is officially called Pascha and is the most important religious holiday in Greece and Crete alike. It is the perfect time to experience the authentic hospitality of Greece and immerse yourself into the Greek traditions and…

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Healthy “Tsoureki” bun by our chefs

All Greek Easter traditions and celebrations include the making of Tsoureki buns. In the morning of Holy Thursday every household makes Tsoureki buns among other traditional Easter sweets. The smell of freshly baked tsoureki buns is a highlight of Greek Pascha. To honour the traditions, we present…

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