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„Invited Chefs & Friends“ season 4

A Gastronomic Journey

A journey of aromas and flavors will take place for another year at Minos Beach art hotel with a diverse array of special guests.

In collaboration with our very own Executive Chef Poppy Kourkoutaki, Head Chef Kyriako Mylona and their culinary team, we invite renowned chefs from Greece and across the world to get inspired by Cretan cuisine and create together unique culinary experiences for our guests.

Starting on June 9, with a tantalizing menu from our beloved duo Chef Poppy Kourkoutaki and Chef Kyriako Mylona.

Invited Chefs & Friends 2024

Marianna Leivaditaki


Miltos Armenis


Will Delvin


Manolis Papoutsakis


Hasikos x Loukakos


Alain Llorca


Sotiris Evaggelou



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Highlights from our past „Invited Chefs & Friends“ events





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