Minos Beach art hotel’s kitchen celebrates slow food and the ritual of cooking.  An ode to Cretan and Greek cuisine, using locally sourced, seasonal and ingredients to create authentic flavours and provide the ultimate, farm-to-table experience. Our vision is to offer our guests a holistic Cretan experience in fine dining, introducing unique flavours and aromas. We are passionate about food. We cook in style and deliver excellence.
Cretan cuisine is considered the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, with traditional ingredients like olive oil, herbs, cheese and fresh produce. Minos Beach art hotel is elevating Cretan gastronomy into a modern retelling of diverse culinary traditions. Our kitchens are filled with the aromas of wild Cretan herbs, while local delicacies shine on the plate.
Our culinary team, led by award-winning chef Giannis Baxevanis, known as the “Greek magician of aromatic herbs”, has elevated traditional Cretan dishes into high quality dining experiences. Our vision is to create a fine-dining experience that combines authentic ingredients of the Cretan land with delicious local recipes.
Minos Beach art hotel features some of the best restaurants in Crete, inviting travellers to taste exquisite flavours from the world of Cretan and Mediterranean gastronomy, as well as top international cuisine.
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