Health & Safety Protocols

Health & Safety Protocol

At bluegr Hotels & Resorts, our commitment to the health and safety of our guests, employees, partners and the community remains, as always, our number one priority.Inspired by our motto “Because we care”, we are committed to offering you a relaxing, risk-free experience, while taking all the necessary preventative measures to ensure your safety during your stay with us.Aligned with the World Health Organization, the Hellenic National health organization and the European commission guidelines we assembled a team of medics, engineers, and chemists who in collaboration with TUV Nord Group a worldwide inspection, certification and training organization, Diversey Inc. hygiene company, and based on our risk assessment have designed the bluegr Health Protocols as a response to Covid-19.

Minos Beach art hotel, a member of the bluegr Hotels & Resorts and Design Hotels, is ideally blended in the Mirabello coastline covering an area of 48.000 square meters. With less than 20% building footprint, all our common areas emanate a high sense of privacy and seclusion. The ideal destination for a carefree vacation this summer. This unique layout of the hotel offers individual accommodation units and villas with private pools which harmonically blend with the Cretan landscape, providing exclusivity and social distancing.

All bungalow units have an average distance of 5 meters and the opposite orientation of private verandas create a 4 meters distance between guest room doors. Rooms are accessible through outdoor pathways and are located among herbal gardens and the coastline.

Waterfront bungalows are located on the water’s edge and are complimented with assigned sunbathing deck for private use. The three-bedroom waterfront villa has direct access to the sea, a private entrance and parking space providing the opportunity to avoid contacts during the stay.

Our people

All Staff members are educated in depth by our team of experts and have unlimited access to personal protective equipment accordingly. Our training programs include:

Medical Training

  • Identification of symptoms, sources, and modes of transmission.
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Correct use of personal protective equipment

Hygiene Training

  • Infection Prevention
  • Systematic Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Proper linen handling
  • Sustainability practices

Operational Training

  • Suspected case management plan
  • Compliance with Bluegr Health Protocols BGRCOV2020
  • Guest service and communication

Staff locker rooms, restaurants and facilities are re-arranged to ensure safe spacing. Staff member follow an individual temperature measurement daily schedule.  Our responsible culture focused on health, safety and wellbeing will allow us to deliver exceptional services to you.


Being certified with H.A.C.C.P and ISO 14001 our cleaning and food safety procedures have always been complied with the highest international standards. Our processes have been meticulously evaluated and adapted to the new situation.

A complete customized cleaning and disinfection program designed for bluegr Hotels & Resorts by Diversey Inc. is established and executed to all hotel facilities.

According to ECDC and scientific research against different coronaviruses, effective disinfecting products containing Quaternary Ammonium biocides such as Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride (Benzalkonium chloride, ADBAC) and Didecyl Dimethyl Alkonium Chloride (DDAC) provided by Diversey Inc, have been introduced to all cleaning processes at guest rooms, public areas, kitchen areas and offices. All high touched surfaces and items are identified in common areas and are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every 60 minutes by our experienced cleaning staff who are always present. Steam cleaners are available in all stations for our team to properly disinfect all fabric surfaces. Guest luggage’s are disinfected by our bell staff upon arrival and are transferred straight to guest rooms. Touch free sanitizing stations are set to lobbies, restaurants, bars, public WCs, corridors, pool, and beach facilities.

Our partners, the consortium of Be Safer P.C. & Agrolab RDS a member of Tentamus Company implement in our hotels the specialized laboratory protocol TAPP (Tourism Analysis Package Pro) which was enriched with innovative laboratory methods of SARS-CoV-2 detection (Covid-19), detecting a possible presence of the virus on any surface even with very low detection limits, in guestrooms, in lobby and public hotel areas. These lab analyses are conducted according to the approved sampling plan.

The architectural design of our buildings and indoor areas, always allow sun and fresh air to naturally circulate. Appropriate maintenance and filter disinfection plan is set for all A/C and ventilation systems which operate with outdoor condensing units and are constantly fed with fresh air aligned with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. Our signage and instructions will kindly remind you how to properly protect yourself by applying hygiene measures, keep safe distances and raise your awareness to all protective policies designed for you.

We would like kindly to ask for your contribution to the above measures, as this is the key to success.


Our reception areas are equipped with all protective equipment ensuring safe spacing and transactions from arrival to departure. Contactless Mobile or tablet check in and fast check out are available. If preregistration is not used, fast check in procedure takes place in outdoor lobby areas. All information regarding the hotel, outlets operating hours, safety policies and self-protection guidelines are provided digitally to every guest. Flexible check in and check out policies are introduced to ensure comfort and safety. Reception desk and equipment are disinfected after every guest interaction. Floor safe spacing signage is introduced. Our people are taking all the personal protective measures. As always, our people can be reached through our mobile app on a 24/7 basis to assist you with all your requests.

Contactless experience

Our mobile technology is updated offering contactless options. Registration check in and check out, restaurant reservations, food and drink orders, room service, housekeeping appointments, amenities selection, digital information and instructions are some of the features provided via our app and digital channels.

Living spaces

The unique layout of Minos Beach art hotel offers individual accommodation units which blend with the Cretan landscape, providing exclusivity and safe spacing, accessible through outdoor pathways located among herbal gardens and the coastline.

Every guest room is left vacant for at least 4 hours after every departure and are naturally ventilated. Cleaning process is separated in three stages –cleaning -disinfection -set up according to Diversey Inc. cleaning program. All linens are washed at >70 ⁰C and steam ironed at 180 ⁰C. Fabric surfaces are disinfected with steam cleaners at >80 ⁰C. All guest rooms are equipped with wooden shutters which allow fresh air to flow naturally.

Protective equipment is available and free of charge, upon request.


Our restaurants and bars offer outdoor siting as all are designed with spacious open-air verandas and sitting areas overlooking our gardens and Mirabello sea. To maintain safe spacing all tables are set with a 2-meter distance among them. Although the size of our restaurants allows them not to be crowded at any time, we have extended our operating hours by 30 minutes for breakfast and dinner so guest can have a stress-free culinary experience.

We have altered the operation of our a ’la carte restaurants Terpsis and La Bouillabaisse creating an all- day dinning venue so guests can enjoy their lunch or dinner at any time convenient. Our pool and beach bars offer grab n’ go meals and drinks at the bars are accompanied with individual portioned complimentary bar snacks.

Our culinary team leaded by our Executive Chef Poppy Kourkoutaki mentored by multi- awarded Chef Yiannis Baxevanis have designed our breakfast and dinner buffets exclusively based on fresh and local ingredients and recipes.

Floor safe spacing signage is introduced. Staff members wear masks. Staff uniforms and table clothes are washed at >70 ⁰C and steam ironed at 180 ⁰C. All tables and surface are disinfected after every use. Guests are gently reminded to use sanitizing gel upon entering the restaurant and to wash their hands before and after every meal. Our menus and wine lists are available through our app and by QR codes displayed in every table. As always our guests can dine in the privacy of their open-air veranda under the moonlight.

Being a leading member of the ‘’We do Local’’ initiative all menus are designed with the use of fresh and local ingredients supporting the community and small producers. Our food safety system is Certified with H.A.C.C.P. a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards including supply chain, food production and service.


The unique beachfront locations of our hotels offer several access points to the sea, from coastal decks to our sandy beach making beach experience safe and comfortable. According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health umbrellas are set at 2 meters distance between them. All sun loungers have a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and are disinfected daily and after every use. Individual beach and pool towels are provided to all guests using the beach facilities.


Pools access is controlled with the principle of 1 guest per 2.5m² water surface so safe spacing is maintained. Sun beds are set a minimum distance of 2 meters among them and are disinfected daily and after every use. Individual pool towels are provided to all guests using the pool facilities. Our water safety plan is in place and audited 4 times a day by our trained staff in collaboration with our partnered Chemist laboratory Agrolab RDS a member of Tentamus Company. Actions are aligned with the instructions of the Ministry of Health and ECDC. A Lifeguard is on duty during operating hours.

Gym and Sports activities

Our gym and tennis courts are available by appointment which can be easily booked via our app. Gym has a max capacity 6 people at a time. Equipment and facilities are cleaned and disinfected after every use by our experience’s housekeeping team. Sanitizing gel and clean towels are available for guest use. Yoga classes are performed outdoor among our gardens or by the sea. Water sport centres are on site following all necessary precaution measures and are aligned with the Bluegr protocol.


Cleaning procedures and disinfecting procedures are enhanced in all SPA areas. Therapy booths are disinfected with hospital grade materials and single use bed covers are changed after every session. A protective panel has been installed to reception desk and sanitizing gel is provided. Towels are changed in front of the guest prior each session. All towels as well as staff uniforms are cleaned at a temperature of >70⁰C and ironed at 180⁰C. Staff members wear appropriate protective equipment and are performing excellent hand hygiene before and after each session. All utensils are sterilized after use. Guest are kindly requested to wash their hands prior entering the SPA area and are provided with single use slippers and a mask which is necessary to wear during the entire session. Wellness drinks are provided in single use ECO glasses.

Private Transfer

Our partnered transfer company is certified with ISO 9001. New capacity limits are introduced according to Ministry of Health. Sanitizing gel is provided by the driver who wears the appropriate PPE (mask and gloves). High touched surfaces are disinfected, and all the doors remain open, so the car/van are naturally ventilated after every transfer. A/C is constantly fed with fresh air. Cars and vans are deeply disinfected with electrostatic sprayers at the end of the night shift and are left to naturally ventilate till next morning.


In our hotels you will find a dedicated T.E.A.M. of staff members who, in collaboration with our hygiene and health experts, can be Trusted in all situations, are highly trained and Educated to operational health and safety standards, Act immediately to fulfil every need. Their Mission is to secure a safe, risk-free, and relaxing experience. Medics from our collaborating private clinic Cretan AID LTD are available on call at a 24/7 basis and present, within 15 minutes, to any guest room which require assistance. All guests have access to all public health facilities and hospitals. The General Hospital of Aghios Nikolaos is at a 5-10 min distance from our Crete hotels. All actions regarding Covid-19 are guided by the Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY).

While we are closely monitoring this globally challenging situation, we remain always grounded in our purpose and focused on our aim to provide you, our guests, exceptional services, and authentic experiences, in breath-taking locations. With great responsibility and by following official health practices, listening actively to your needs, and caring for those in need, we are preparing to welcome you back to our hotels.

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