North & South

“Kopelia & Kardasia”

October 14, 2023

Entering its third season, the North & South culinary duel will unfold at Minos Beach art hotel. Anticipate an enticing menu, a fusion of Crete and Macedonia’s ingredients and techniques, followed by an expert wine pairing.

Chef Giannis Baxevanis stands as a proud advocate of Cretan gastronomy, while our Hotel Manager and WSPC Hestia WSET Stratos Patsakis meticulously curate the finest Cretan wines for the pairing.

Representing the Macedonian culinary tradition, Chef Sotiris Evangelou, alongside the profound knowledge of Sommelier Dimitrios Motsos in northern Greece wines, will present a distinctive and exceptional menu.

Witness a harmonious collision of inspired Cretan and Macedonian recipes, harmonized within a single menu.

An experience worth savoring.

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