Vai Palmforest

The Palm forest of Vai, in the eastern part of Crete, is one of the most beautiful and special places in the whole Mediterranean. Covering an area of approximately 250,000 square metres and more than 5000 palm trees, Vai is the largest palm forest in Europe. The name of the area, Vai, comes from vayia, the Greek word for palms.

Many different stories are told about the origin of its palm trees. Scientists have proven that the Vai palm trees are an endemic species known as Phoenix theophrasti, or Cretan Date Palm. If you decide to go for a walk in the palm forest, you will see – if you’re lucky – a small lake formed by rainwater among the trees. This phenomenon is more frequent in early summer or in September.

The heavenly palm grove is planted in a wide valley watered by the local river for centuries. An exotic sandy beach with whitish sand is formed near the shore, backed by the edenic palm forest, reminding of African and Caribbean seascapes.

Distance from hotel: approx. 95 km | 1.5 h

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