Based on our philosophy, we are committed to making sustainable holidays the way to experience exclusive hospitality, executive services, creative gastronomy, beautiful surroundings, regional culture and customs. Our day to day operations and actions are taking into account our sustainability goals, addressing all social, environmental and economic aspects.

We understand that to be successful over time, we must earn the trust of our employees, guests, stakeholders, and local community.

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Sustainable Luxury

We strive for sustainable development, without sacrificing luxury and quality and we work hard towards minimising our impact on the planet. We believe that the highest standards of luxury hospitality can and should be delivered in responsible ways that benefit our guests, people, and communities. 

From the landscape of our hotel that aims to preserve local floral with a low a structure factor, to the « Blue Flag » awarded beach, the KNX automation system which monitors heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting in the rooms, our responsible waste management system and the effort to eliminate the use of plastic, we are committed to buidling a strong environmental culture.

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Our Recruitment Plan

We feel strongly about creating regional employment opportunities and giving back to the society of Crete; therefore, we prioritize recruiting people from the local community, and we are proud that the majority of our staff members are locals. Our people follow our carefully designed health and safety policy consequently updated to the latest legislation requirements. All our employees are fully insured and have a legal contract in compliance to the Greek legislation. Everyone has access to the hotel’s doctor, our staff facilities and meal plan. We are committed on the continuous development of our people with training programs, that on average come to 22 hours per person, per season. Our training programs vary from Health and Safety policies, Environmental & Sustainability practices, First Aid, H.A.C.C.P., to safe food handling, Customer Service, Wine and Gastronomy. Respecting gender equality 50% of Minos Beach art hotel’s employees are female. 

Locality & our Partners

Supporting and promoting locality has always been a priority for us. We strive to promote regional products and suppliers, as we are firm believers that this the way for our guests to experience our philosophy, the authentic Crete, and the Cretan way of living. Being awarded with « We do local » and « Greek Breakfast », our guests enjoy daily top quality local products and become familiar with local wineries, olive oil farms, Cretan herbs and natural cosmetics. On a weekly basis, we organize cooking lessons, Cretan music nights and trips to the surrounding villages for our guests to meet the locals and experience Crete as one of them.

Over the years, we have built and maintained a steady group of partners and suppliers. By always prioritising local producers, we create employment opportunities for the local community, as well as inspiring the emergence of new businesses. Our relationship with each one is characterised by trust, fair treatment, honesty, and consistency. Read More

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy outlines a comprehensive plan of initiatives for ethical, responsible, and sustainable business practices, including short and long-term goals, objectives, priorities, and reporting of results.

Our initiatives focus on four pillars: Environment, Solidarity & Volunteerism, Cultural Heritage, and Sustainable Education.

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