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Yoga Sessions

You have chosen the ideal destination to enjoy body and mind wellness, with yoga and meditation in the lovely garden surroundings, by the sea or in the pool, overlooking the water. Letting the energy of a magical place such as Crete course through their bodies, guests – both women and men – group sessions and private sessions can be arranged – yoga mat – water and tower is provided by the hotel -preregistration in require at the reception or via our app.

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Hatha Yoga – AM
Waking up the body through gentle stretching, while gradually increasing the intensity with Sun Salutations and winding down with forward folds and spinal twists. The class is designed for everyone. Our Hatha sessions are scheduled in the mornings, as they are ideal for waking the body up before all other movement. All are welcome to this class.

Flow Yoga – PM
For those who like to keep moving through a steady tempo. Flow is for everyone who has already been in contact with yoga and would like to deepen their practice. The class strengthens the body while also improving flexibility. It is a fast paced class which everyone can follow. Our Flow classes are best to be practiced in the evening when the muscles and joints are warm and ready.

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