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«Invited Chefs & Friends» | A Gastronomic Journey

A journey of aromas and flavors will take place during this season at Minos Beach art hotel with a diverse array of special guests.

In collaboration with our multiple-awarded chef Giannis Baxevanis and our very own culinary team, we invite renowned chefs to get inspired by Cretan cuisine and create together unique culinary experiences for our guests.

Starting on June 26, with a tantalizing menu from chef Pierrot Ayer and our team.

Line Up for 2023

Jerome Serres

Alain Llorca

Yannis Lucacos

Michalis Hasikos

Miltos Armenis

Grigoris Helmis

Manolis Papoutsakis

Michalis Marthas

Edgard Bovier

Pierrot Ayer

Sotiris Evangelou

Thanos Feskos

Herve Pronzato

Contact us to find out more.

Highlights from our past «Invited Chefs & Friends» events



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